Rod Quantock, OAM

^^^ Research Associate, Research Unit in Public Cultures, University of Melbourne ^^^ Associate, Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, University of Melbourne ^^^ Patron of Tandem ^^^ Patron of Ardoch Youth Foundation's Numeracy Program ^^^

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"The Boredom Protection Policy"
Saturday 15 October 2016


"An inspired rant. A welcome change."

"Rod Quantock was excellent. Bring him back next year."

"Rotten left wing commo – we love you – ha ha!"

"Best laugh for some time."

"Hilarious, intelligent presentation. Fabulous." 

"The energy, the information/education – always a wonderful and generous performer."

"Extraordinary show. Rod Q. still rocks. Certainly a theatrical treasure."

"That Rod continues to challenge us and question in such a humorous way that its not until you are lying in bed that the full impact occurs."


 The year was 1968. Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr were assassinated, Nixon was elected. Saddam Hussein gained power in 1968. So did Yasir Arafat. And, closer to our hearts, it was the year Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark was born.

Co-incidentally 1968 was the year that the award-winning Rod Quantock first strolled onto a stage.

 Quantock is an amiable bufoon.’ The Melbourne Herald. 1968

Ten tears later and Rod was opening Australia’s first performer owned and operated theatre restaurant, The Comedy Café & Banana Lounge.

'Sophisticated satire, unpretentious, daffy… a comedian for thinkers.’ The Melbourne Times, 1978

Another decade on and Rod was the talk of the Edinburgh Festival and a Perrier Award nominee.

'For sheer cheek and inventiveness, the amazing Rod Quantock must take the honours. Bizarre, fresh, theatrically dangerous, unpredictable.’ The Guardian, UK 1988

In 1998 he was taking on the Kennett Government and selling out shows around the country.

'We walked away entertained, reflective and finally, amazed. If you only see one comedy show this year, make it Rod Quantock.’ The Daily Telegraph, Sydney. 1998

In between he established the art of stand-up comedy, turned public transport in a venue and, among many other achievements, co-conceived and starred in ‘Australia, You’re Standing In It’, ABC-TV’s first Melbourne comedy production and the door-opener for all that followed.

Now, forty-seven years on, he's still at it.